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"I believe honesty and integrity should be reflected in how one conducts their life. I take a lot of pride in what I do. Getting results for clients gives me great satisfaction and is what has kept me going for 28 years."

--Attorney Norman Taylor

Honesty and integrity, however, is what may be missing from dealership or manufacturer's attempts to honor your automotive purchase with a quality product. For nearly three decades, our firm has protected California consumers from defective, unreliable, and sometimes even potential dangerous vehicles. We are a team that understands the frustrations, costs, and risks that are involved with being stuck with a lemon you cannot rely on, and exhaust every possible avenue to get you the resolution you deserve.

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At Norman Taylor & Associates, a Professional Law Corporation, our main objective is to achieve refunds, replacements or cash settlements to consumers who have purchased or leased defective automobiles. The law used to enforce lemon law rights is the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act found in the California Civil Code – better known as the “California lemon law”. The principle of the firm, Norman Taylor, has authored two books concerning the California lemon law and is a noted expert in this area. Competence and client service are the hallmarks of his firms since 1987.

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No matter what the case involves, our philosophy is to take an approach that reflects the best interest of the client. Not all lemons are the same, so no two cases are the same. Our California Lemon Law Attorneys have an excellent reputation with auto makers and the legal system, an early resolution is a greater possibility than with some other firm. We consult with each client on their circumstance, consider the manufacturer they are dealing with and present what we believe to be the most expeditious manner to accomplish the client’s objective.

Whether you purchased or leased a new motor vehicle, we can determine the best course of action for you to take if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. Our firm offers a free case evaluation to help you gain a clear perspective of possibilities.

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  • Norman Taylor

    Mr. Taylor’s law firms since 1987 have handled well over 10,000 California lemon law cases, forcing vehicle manufacturers to refund more than $120,000,000 for defective goods to consumers.

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  • John Ciccarelli

    Mr. Ciccarelli is an extraordinary trial attorney and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of litigation for the firm. He oversees all lawsuits brought on behalf of our clients.

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Attorneys Norman F. Taylor and John Ciccarelli each have more than 25 years of experience handling consumer law violations. We have handled more than 10,000 cases in California since 1987. In addition, we have forced more than $100 million in refunds within the scope of our legal work. Our influence within the community is a reflection of our legal strengths and service. Attorney Norman Taylor has helped mainstream consumer advocacy groups propose and secure amendments to California's lemon law. We have seen motor vehicle manufacturers reform their policies and improve their practices as a result.

Norman Taylor & Associates offers strong legal help based on the guidance of our California lemon law attorneys. Our legal team is indigenous to California, and therefore, we offer local assistance and representation and we understand the communities in which we work. We can stand up to large corporations on your behalf. Using our knowledge of lemon law and consumers' rights, we can protect your interests when pursuing a refund or replacement with no unwarranted deductions. Often times, consumers who are unrepresented do not fully understand their rights and, as a result, do not obtain the full refund they deserve.

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