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If you or a loved one brought home a lemon, our California lemon law lawyers can help you pursue a refund. Our goal is to help clients obtain refunds or replacements for their lemon vehicles as soon as possible. Litigation will be pursued only when necessary.

Where feasible, we will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the manufacturer or car dealer prior to taking aggressive legal actions. With a wide range of experience and with various manufacturers, we can assess the best strategy to employ in each case. This works to your benefit and can lead to an earlier resolution than what may be possible with a firm that does not have the years of experience that we have.

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At Norman Taylor & Associates, each of our team members is experienced in the field of lemon law and knows California's lemon law inside and out. We are here to help you resolve your case if you have purchased a defective vehicle, which is also referred to as a lemon. You can trust in our firm to protect your rights and pursue recourse under California's lemon law. Our firm represents clients throughout California and can help you receive a refund or replacement for your lemon. Speak with our California lemon law attorneys at your earliest convenience.

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Attorney Norman F. Taylor is the author of Lemon Law - The Standard Reference Guide. This book has benefited many individuals who are experiencing the difficult situation of having purchased a lemon. Our firm's goal is to resolve clients' cases quickly by getting them refunds or replacements as soon as possible. In fact, we will not litigate if that is not a necessary step in the client's case. Our philosophy is to take legal action in a manner that achieves the consumer's objectives as quickly as possible.

We also have a solid reputation within the community by significantly improving policies that relate to lemon law. Attorney Taylor has helped mainstream consumer advocacy groups for the purpose of proposing and securing amendments to the state's lemon laws. As a result, he has seen motor vehicle manufacturers reform policies and improve practices. Our lawyers' influence within the state of California gives credibility to our firm's strong representation techniques.

Benefit from Our Firm's Decades of Experience

We have been helping consumers in California since 1987. Since that time, we have handled more than 10,000 cases. During the course of our firm's legal work, we have forcedmore than $100 million in refunds. Our firm has helped many individuals receive refunds or replacements of their lemons. Norman Taylor & Associates' history of success has established the reputation we currently hold within the state. In fact, manufactures are often hesitant to go up against us in court.

Along with our success, we have honed our legal skills over the past two decades. Both of our California lemon law lawyers, Norman Taylor and John Ciccarelli, have more than 25 years of experience each. We have a great amount of experience handling cases with various manufacturers and, as a result, understand and can anticipate their usual techniques. We are thus able to appropriately determine the best course of action. We know which companies will be cooperative, and in such circumstances, we can pursue an early resolution with a pre-lawsuit demand for settlement. Contact our firm today for the legal assistance you deserve!

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