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As a consumer, you possess legal rights that must be protected. Under California's lemon law, you are given legal recourse after the purchase or lease of a motor vehicle that is defective. If your new motor vehicle has failed to meet the manufacturer's warranty, the California lemon law outlines your consumer rights for recourse. Defective vehicles, also called lemons, can cause frustration and unexpected anxiety in a consumer's life.

At Norman Taylor & Associates, we can help you obtain a resolution to your case to pursue the option that is in your best interest. Our California Lemon Law Attorneys' first line of representation is giving you the information you need in the form of the following sections of our website. Read on to find out how our California lemon law attorneys can help you!

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What Qualifies As a Lemon?

In order to obtain compensation for your lemon, you will have to provide proof that it does in fact qualify as a lemon under the California lemon law. Your vehicle can constitute as a lemon if the problem occurred before the vehicle was purchased. Vehicles that constantly need to be repaired often qualify as lemons.

Lemon Law Basics

California's lemon law is designed to protect the rights of consumers. It offers legal recourse after you have purchased or leased a motor vehicle that turned out to be defective. Learn the basics of lemon law to find out how we can help you with your case.

Lemon Law FAQ

In this section, we provide answers to many frequently asked questions regarding lemons. You likely have many questions regarding California's lemon law and how we can provide you with the legal assistance you need. Find out if we have already answered your questions by reading this page.

Auto Recalls

Auto recalls occur when vehicles of a specific make and model appear to have the same defect. When this occurs, the manufacturer announces an auto recall to inspect and fix the affected vehicles. The auto recall must include the details regarding the vehicle recall, details that can help the owner identify the product, and instructions for what action the owner should take.

Breach of Warranty

If the manufacturer of your defective vehicle has breached the warranty, our firm can help you fight for your rights. The California lemon law defines when a manufacturer has breached its warranty and what the consumer is entitled to for this breach. If your vehicle's manufacturer has breached its written warranty, we can help you fight for just compensation.

Common Vehicle Defects

Various defects and malfunctions can occur if you have purchased or leased a lemon. Some of the common vehicle defects that lead to manufacturer recalls include stalling, air conditioner mold, defective seat belts, and engine failure. Find out more about common vehicle defects by reading this page.

Lemon Law Myths

If you possess a lemon, you probably feel stuck in your current situation. Knowledge is one of the most important resources that we can contribute to your case. On this page, we debunk many lemon law myths to present you with accurate information.

RV / Motorhome Lemons

If your recreational vehicle (RV) or motor home has turned out to be a lemon, you may be entitled to recourse under the California lemon laws. We specialize in lemon law and understand the specific laws regarding RV and motor home cases. Common issues include vehicle specifications that do not match the true experience and lower cargo capacity than advertised.

Used-Car Lemons

California lemon laws aim to protect new and used-car buyers in each state in the nation. It is more common for used-car buyers to get stuck with lemons. Owners of used lemons will have to prove that the vehicle's problems already existed before the sale. Find out how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your defective used car.

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