Breach of Warranty in California

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As the purchaser or lessee of a vehicle, you possess specific consumer rights that must be protected. An owner of a defective vehicle that does not qualify for a buyback under the lemon law may have recourse for violations of breach of warranty. As long as the vehicle is under warranty, the manufacturer has an obligation to you to repair all defects that are covered by the warranty.

Consumer vehicles that fall outside of the lemon law buyback criteria may still have protection under breach of warranty theories. If your manufacturer has breached your warranty, you may be entitled to substantial damages. Our California lemon law attorneys offer information on what to do where there is a breach of warranty. There is a statute of limitations of four years in which you can bring a lawsuit for breach of warranty. Our team can help you take action to ensure that you are adequately protected.

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Breach of warranty laws require the manufacturer to repair the vehicle as long as it is within the term of the warranty and the defect is covered as set forth in the warranty. You may have a breach of warranty claim if the dealership has violated any part of the agreement. Under California's lemon law, manufacturers can be considered to have breached the warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts, or for refusing to honor the warranty, depending on the circumstances.

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