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As you search for a lemon law attorney to protect your rights during your case, you should understand the important characteristics that a lawyer should possess. At Norman Taylor & Associates, our firm's California lemon law attorneys not only have strong backgrounds and experience but also have records that indicate our abilities. Each of our attorneys has more than 25 years of experience dealing with lemon law cases and helping clients win a refund or replacement. We have been in business since 1987 and, since our founding, have forced more than $100 million in refunds for the benefit of our clients.

Our firm can stand up against large corporations on your behalf because we know the laws and understand your rights. You can trust your case to our team because we know how to win cases in a time-efficient manner. With our educational backgrounds and years of experience, we understand your rights and can proceed with the case in a manner that best protects your interests. From start to finish, we can provide you with full legal guidance. Automobile manufacturers know that we will put up a strong fight and are therefore more willing to negotiate with us.

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Legal Guidance from Our California Lemon Law Attorneys

At Norman Taylor & Associates, we understand your rights. In fact, California Lemon Law Attorney Norman Taylor wrote Lemon Law - The Standard Reference Guide, which provides comprehensive information for consumers who have purchased lemons. We can also use our knowledge and experience to help you resolve your case, beginning with a free case evaluation. Our firm can provide you with an honest assessment based on the information you provide. Typically, the objective is to seek a refund or replacement in accordance with the law. If the client qualifies, he or she can obtain a full refund of payments, have the loan or lease paid off in full, and have the vehicle returned. In some cases, we are also able to obtain other damages for our clients.

Our Influence in the Community

Our influence in the community has helped us achieve worthy results for our clients. Attorney Taylor has made appearances on national and local television as a consumer advocate. Additionally, he has been on numerous radio talk shows as a specialist in the field of lemon law. Attorney Taylor has even helped mainstream consumer advocacy groups propose and secure amendments to California's lemon law. As a result of these efforts, motor vehicle manufacturers have reformed their policies and improved their practices. Contact our firm at once if you are in need of legal guidance with your lemon law case!

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