California Lemon Law: The People's Law, and It Works!

Next to a house, a car or truck is the largest purchase the average consumer will make in a lifetime.

That being true, every consumer should take time to know as much about their vehicle as possible: Not just how it works, or how to maintain it, the consumer needs to know the law as it pertains to their vehicle(s). This includes the Lemon Law, both state and federal. The California Lemon Law (in California, the Song Beverly Consumer Protection Act) would never have been created unless there was a serious need.

Considering the amount of misery doled out by manufacturers and dealers to car owners when their cars have persistent defects, it is astonishing that individuals continue to show loyalty to the brand. It is amazing that they keep trying to work with the dealership long after the dealership and manufacturer should have replaced their lemon vehicles without being compelled to do so.

In this Blog we want to talk about everything California Lemon Law related. Here is a short list of the possibilities:

  • What defines a Lemon vehicle in California?
  • What is a defect? And what is substantial (regards defects)?
  • How does a Lemon get manufactured?
  • Finding resources for help with your Lemon car, motor home, boat or motorcycle, such as NHTSA, Bureau or Automotive Repair and consumer watchdog groups.
  • Arbitration: Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Lemon Laundering: Is it still going on in California? How does it affect your lemon vehicle?

The list goes on and on. Please feel free to suggest topics of interest to you, the reader. There are so many aspects to the California Lemon Law. We want to know about your concerns and questions!