Norman Taylor & The Lemon Law vs. Goliath(s)

For 22 years, Norman Taylor has been fighting the good fight. The battle is typically the same against corporate goliaths like Ford, GMC, Mercedes, Fleetwood and Toyota; his firms have fought over 6,000 Lemon Law battles.

They have won in excess of $120,000,000 dollars in prize money, money that was returned to individuals who would otherwise have endlessly struggled with defective vehicles that never get fixed. It’s not really prize money, it’s a metaphor, but the money they recovered for clients represents days, weeks and months of wasted or unnecessary trips to the dealership for unending repairs to their vehicles.

In 1991 Norman Taylor co-authored the first comprehensive book on the California Lemon Law. It quickly became the standard for individual vehicle owners and was even used as a desk reference by manufactures when evaluating California claims.
In 2004 Norman Taylor authored yet another book entitled Lemon Law, The Standard Reference Guide, which has enjoyed wide sales, distribution and use.

As a well-known expert in the field, Mr. Taylor was invited by the Judicial Task Force of the California Supreme Court to assist in writing standardized jury instructions for Lemon Law cases. Norman Taylor & Associates is proud to be an advocate for those whose rights as vehicle owners have been abused.

Says Taylor; "I always wanted to work in an area of the law where right and wrong were clear cut. As we approach our 22nd anniversary doing the Lemon Law we do not foresee any shortage of work. Manufacturers and their bean counters will likely never cease manufacturing poor products that wind up in the hands of unsuspecting consumers."

"Selecting this area of the law wasn’t a hard decision," says Taylor. "It’s important to know that you’re fighting for the good guys, and that means individual automobile, motor home, boat and motorcycle owners."

Norman Taylor has been a part of the Los Angeles community for many years. He is a staunch advocate of individual and human rights. Working with the Lemon Law is a natural extension of his philosophy of providing assistance to those who need an advocate when they take on the Goliaths of this world.