Lemon Law and Customer Relations

Part of the lemon car experience is the number of people you get the chance to meet. If you are like most people, as your repair record gets longer and longer and you become increasingly frustrated with the inability of service technicians to fix your car you will want to talk to people higher up the ladder.

You will soon find yourself talking to a customer relations specialist. They will probably suggest another repair or that the car be looked at by a technical specialist. Sometimes the process will put your car into the hands of a more highly-trained technician and you will finally have a working car. But you could wind up like all too many customers who find themselves in the same endless loop of repairs, only this time involving the corporate level instead of the dealership.

An important rule to apply here is “look, don’t listen.” Ignore the smooth talk and explanations. Is your car fixed? If it’s not, it may be time to contact a California lemon law attorney and insist on your rights.

Did you call the customer assistance number in your warranty booklet or the manufacturer’s web site? Are you getting help or the runaround? Let us know your experience. If you’re on the same treadmill of repair after repair we might be able to help.