2012 Honda Civic Recalled for Risk of Fuel Leak

It was recently reported that 1,156 2012 Honda Civics have been recalled due to a faulty o-ring that does not properly align with the fuel feed line. A fuel leak may result in a fire with an ignition source.

Honda will be informing buyers and the campaign to repair the defect will be in place by month’s end. Upon inspection, Honda will replace the fuel feed line if it is necessary to do so.

No crashes, or fires were reported and the recall was actually discovered by a factory employee who noticed a fuel smell on April 29, 2011. Honda subsequently informed regulators.

It is reported that 17% of the vehicles that have been affected by the defect were to be sold in the U.S. A majority of which have not yet been sold.

While recalls are common in the automotive industry, it is important to understand how a recall may affect a lemon law case. If consumers have given the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair the defect, including a repair attempt as a result of a recall, and the defect still exists, the consumer may seek recourse under the California Lemon Law.