ALERT: 2011 Jeep Patriots Under Investigation for Stalling

From time to time we alert our car buying public of problem vehicles. Often such cars with well-documented defects are also potential Lemon Law candidates.

Automotive news in their Oct. 29, 2012 issue reports that safety officials have begun a preliminary evaluation into complaints of stalling engines in 2011 and 2012 model year Jeep Patriots made by Chrysler Group LLC while the vehicles were running at high speeds.

The preliminary evaluation involves about 112,000 Jeep Patriots in the United States. Such an evaluation could eventually lead to a recall, which would involve vehicles sold in other countries as well.

Regrettably car manufacturers often drag their heels when faced with a recall, particularly if it represents a seriously expensive fix. If you are the owner of a Jeep Patriot that meets these definitions, keep a close eye on your car’s behavior and if you have repeated problems with stalling or other engine problems, don’t wait for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to make a decision. Call Norman Taylor & Associates, and see if you qualify for the California Lemon Law, particularly if it is an ongoing problem. As the watch officer used to say on the show NYPD Blue, “Be safe out there.”

To check if your vehicle may have any outstanding recalls or technical service bulletins visit: SafeCar.Gov