Responsibility and Maintenance that Comes with Purchase

At Norman Taylor & Associates, we are passionate about helping others. Recently, our team has encountered a number of cases involving high-end vehicles and engine blowouts. In these cases, clients purchased vehicles that came with a maintenance package as part of the purchase price. Their vehicles suffered from a blown engine and their warranty for engine repair was denied, even though a blown engine happening within the period of one's warranty is normally covered.

Why were these claims denied? The first thing any dealership (on behalf of the manufacturer) will look at is your maintenance record. These clients had no record of having their oil changed in accordance with their maintenance schedule. They all asserted that they believed the dealership was taking care of the required maintenance each time they brought the vehicle in for other warranty work. However, the dealer had not performed the required maintenance and the client was stuck with a huge bill for engine repair.

But wait a minute – the client "paid for the maintenance" when they bought the vehicle and returned regularly for other warranty work. One would think that the dealership would be looking out for their customer and making sure the maintenance was performed in accordance with the required schedule.

What happened to real service? Has mediocrity become the order of the day?

In short, the dealership makes no money performing this service so they have little incentive to actually help the customer. Whether this is the underlying reason for their failure to act would be one of the issues before a jury in what is otherwise a high risk case where the consumer could possibly lose.

The consumer argues they should have received warranty coverage for their blown engine; the dealer should have provided the maintenance that came with the purchase and that the manufacturer has breached its warranty.

If you received a maintenance package with your vehicle purchase, take the time to make sure the dealership adheres to the maintenance schedule. Don't assume that the dealership will point it out to you or will otherwise make it happen. Take the initiative and ensure they perform it within the maintenance requirements. You can then be safeguarded from any one saying that you failed to keep up with your maintenance schedule and use that as an excuse to deny your warranty coverage.

If you believe that your vehicle suffered serious damage because the dealership failed to keep up its end of the bargain, speak to an attorney from Norman Taylor & Associates today.