Consumer Reports Reveals Problems with Common Cars

Consumer Reports, a company that seeks to inform consumers to make the best possible decision when buying goods, has recently released a review of the 2014 automobiles. The big three companies based out of Detroit - General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler - have scored in the bottom for small-car production.

Detroit Automakers Fail to Make Safe Vehicles for Drivers

Consumer Reports released its Annual Auto Reliability Survey, and the big Detroit car companies were unable to compete with other auto manufactures in developing reliable vehicles. These car companies have been honest with the public about the poor nature of their cheaper small car offerings, but current car standards should change that. Not only do small cars have world-class engineering, designs, and electronic capacities, but they also have character, are fuel-efficient, and affordable.

The lowest scoring cars for vehicle reliability are:

  • Dodge Dart
  • Chevrolet Cruz
  • Ford Fiesta

By not providing American consumers with the high-quality vehicle manufacturing that they deserve, the automakers threaten public safety. Unreliable cars can cause preventable accidents and endanger the lives of all drivers and passengers on the roadways.

Many of the lemon law cases we handle at Norman Taylor & Associates are based on the concerns outlined by Consumer Reports when reviewing these cars. With the lawyers for these manufacturers denying that there are any problems with the vehicles, it is important that injured victims hold these companies liable for their negligence.

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