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  • When Manufacturers Deny Lemon Law Claims
    When Manufacturers Deny Lemon Law Claims

    Suppose you purchased or leased a brand-new vehicle, complete with a manufacturer’s warranty. After driving it for a couple of months, you encountered a problem. You immediately took the vehicle into ...

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  • Lemon Law & Safety Recalls
    Lemon Law & Safety Recalls

    Some Californians are confused about the state’s Lemon Law. They mistakenly believe that to be protected under California’s Lemon Law, their vehicle must be subject to a safety recall. This simply is ...

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  • FTC & the Auto Marketplace
    FTC & the Auto Marketplace

    You’ve probably heard about the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) before – a government agency that’s dedicated to protecting the American consumer. The FTC addresses mortgage, credit repair, and debt ...

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