California's Lemon Law: Not Limited to Vehicles

In the United States, when consumers purchase new products, such as automobiles and motorcycles, they typically come with manufacturers’ warranties, which promise to repair the automobile or motorcycle if something were to go wrong. Sometimes, no matter how many times the repair shop has tried to fix the problem, it’s unable to correct it. In effect, the automobile or motorcycle is not the ‘new’ vehicle experience you believed you were purchasing, or, cannot be driven or is dangerous to drive.

What a lot of consumers do not realize is that California’s Lemon Law is not limited to automobiles and motorcycles. The “Lemon Law” also applies to boats, motor homes, appliances, and even other consumer products that are sold with a warranty. Not only that, but the Lemon Law applies to both purchases and leases as long as a warranty is in effect.

Does the Lemon Law Apply to Used Products?

Generally, the Lemon Law applies to new products, but under specific circumstances, a used product may be covered under the law, especially as it pertains to used vehicles. Under the Lemon Law, after the manufacturer, or in the case of a dealer who has warranted a used vehicle has had a reasonable opportunity to repair an issue or issues and it is not resolved, they are required to:

  1. Refund all monies paid for the defective product
  2. Or, replace the product with one substantially identical
  3. The warrantor cannot force a replacement remedy on the consumer if they don’t want it

Sometimes, the manufacturer of a “lemon” will refuse to replace or refund the consumer. In this situation, all hope is not lost. With a knowledgeable Lemon Law attorney by his or her side, the consumer can file a civil action in court. This step typically becomes necessary when the manufacturer refuses to take responsibility for a defective product that it has produced, which became the purchaser or lessee’s problem – a flawed product rendered useless due to no fault of the consumer.

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