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Honda Transmission Failures

Honda Lemon Law Attorney in California

The 2016 Honda Pilot and the 2018 to 2020 Honda Odyssey have been at the center of recalls and consumer complaints due to faulty transmission systems. The problems have been so noticeable and consistent that they likely constitute the vehicles as lemons under California lemon law. Anyone who owns a Honda vehicle with a defective transmission system should explore their rights to file a lemon lawsuit right away.

Norman Taylor & Associates offers representation to Honda lemon law clients throughout California. Attorney Norman Taylor has authored two books on California lemon law and is widely considered as an expert on the topic. When you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in your claim against Honda, why would you choose anyone else with less experience?

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2016 Honda Pilot Transmission Issues

The 2016 model Honda Pilot with third-row seating has consistently been a cause for concern with car owners. In particular, this model has significant transmission issues, among other severe safety hazards that began occurring when drivers were reaching only 30,000 miles of drive distance. Similar problems were also common in the 2003 and 2005 models.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the government entity that issues or orders vehicle recalls, estimated that at least five crashes and one injury have resulted from this transmission problem. Honda has not complied with a full recall on the Pilot because it believes the issue is not significant or dangerous enough to warrant a large recall. However, the average cost to fix the transmission issue is around $750, which is quite significant for the average car owner.

600,000 Recalled 2019-2020 Honda Vehicles

To date, five recalls have been issued for the 2020 Honda Odyssey. 11 recalls have been issued for the 2019 model, and several more have been issued for the 2018 model as well. It seems that this model of Honda minivan is straining under a variety of issues in recent years, which might make the vehicles lemons. As recently as September 2020, the NHTSA has sent a notice that more than 600,000 Honda vehicles, including the Odyssey, Pilot, and Passport models, have some sort of open or active recall-related issue.

The two most prominent Honda Odyssey recalls involve:

  • Transmission failures: Among these many recalls, approximately 50,000 were due to a transmission failure in the Odyssey that caused the vehicle to not stay in park without the electronic parking brake. Others were automatically being thrown into park without warning while the vehicle was in motion. Honda already claims to have resolved this issue for future rollouts of this model and has available technicians to remedy this problem for any outstanding affected vehicles.
  • Fire hazards: Another 250,000 or so vehicles have been recalled due to an electrical problem that could pose a fire hazard to the third row. This recall was issued in March 2020, so Honda owners should contact a local dealer or technician to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Consumer Rights Under California Lemon Law

Although Honda has offered solutions for its vehicles’ transmission issues, it does not exactly acknowledge the hardships and financial strain those issues have already caused Honda owners across the country. California lemon law is designed to protect consumers from unreasonably defective vehicles and the financial damages that those vehicles can cause. It might be possible to argue that your Honda Odyssey or Pilot is a lemon and that Honda owes you fair compensation because of it.

Norman Taylor & Associates is here to help our clients throughout California take appropriate action if they are struggling with a Honda lemon. Your safety is our top priority, so we want to make certain you are not driving a vehicle that could be putting you at risk due to a defect. If you are the owner of an affected Honda model and are still having transmission issues or conflicts with the manufacturer, our firm can offer guidance on how to proceed.

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